La Gallerie Du Shlock Grande!

This all started when Judith and Dave Hayman and I drove all the way to Winnipeg, MB in Canada from Ann Arbor Michigan. For adventure and excitement we decided to drive through the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, a land noted for gorgeous scenery, pasties, and... not much else. But we noted that there were lots of hotels with mini-golf and lots and lots of giant statues of dubious taste. Since I have a weird sense of humor I decided it would be fun to collect pictures of these objects d'art. Since my friends are as strange as I am, they helped! So we now proudly introduce you to the Hayman/Wessels Gallerie Du Shlock Grande! Please feel free to send your favorite picture for inclusion.

A Giant Thumb
Location unknown - Amsterdam? Germany?

The Giant Otter
Fergus Falls MN

A field of giant concrete corn
Dublin, OH

Big Paul Bunyan, Big Blue Ox Babe, and Big Babes
Bemidji, MN

The Noble and Well-Endowed Chief Bemidji
Bemidji, MN

The Giant Oxcart,
Grand Forks, ND

Sissy the Talking Cow, Outside the Cheese Chalet
DeForest, WI

The Giant Skier
Somewhere in MI

The huge pink elephant
One of the finest examples of Shlock Grande!

The Giant Carp
Lake Superior (Upper Peninsula), MI

The Big Mouse on the House
Somewhere in Wisconsin

Giant Wagon Wheel Warning, almost tasteful!
Manitoba Tourist Centre, CAD/USA border

Giant Happy Face/Water Tower
Grand Forks, ND

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
Courtesy of Eric Kauppi


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