The Hopeful Curmudgeonly Romantic ScrapBook

Pictures and commentary from performances etc.

This is a picture of Mew's (and Rowan's!) Directorial Debut at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest. Ed gave a choral
workshop there and I (we) conducted at the performance. Rowan was wonderful.
He just hung out in the sling and quietly grooved on the music.


Mew shows off her elegant haberdashery while Rowan tries to pretend he doesn't know her. Persis stands by and grins.

Mew and Joey sing at FKO, 2002.

Ed and Mew singing at the Dead Dog FKO, 2002.


Corwin's stage debut! Mew sings Anne Passavoy's "Lullabye" at FKO 2002.

Debbie Ohi and Alan Theisen join in.

OVFF 2002 - Mew, in her role of Interfilk "wench" shows off a crocheted tunic. Photo courtesy of Jim Leonard.

Mew and some other Interfilk Wenches (top to bottom - Kathleen Sloan, Erica Neely, and Mary Bertke surround Rob Wynne whilst Larissa March helps by laying on his lap. Did he cave in and bid? I don't remember. Photo courtesy of Jim Leonard.

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