Friends and other interesting people


Michael P. Kube-McDowell: Hugo nominated author, interesting guy, and member of the Black Book Band (check here for info on the band and our goofy band bios!). His "bookmarks" are amazing.

Judith and Dave Hayman : Judith and Dave are good friends who live in Hamilton Ontario. In their day jobs Judith is a public health nurse and Dave is an accountant - but don't let that fool you - they're really fun! A good place to find out about cats, Star Trek, and Filk Music.

Michael O'Connell & Miriam Rozian: Flaming Pop Tarts, Tom Waits, tatoos and fractals - what more do you need?

Steve Macdonald: this guy sings great, plays power rhythm guitar, has tapes out (that I sing on :-), and is a good friend.

Urban Tapestry: There's a lot of reasons to link Urban Tapestry to my web page. These three singers from the Toronto area sing great, write some really goofy songs about Jalepenos and Dead Puppies, I like them all a lot, and anyway, Debbie designed my first web page!!

Scott "Cosmo" Snyder: How could you not like a web page with the name "The Hedgehog Rampant!?" Scott is a heck of a musician and a lot of fun! You'll find everything from info on Single Malt Scotch, to Shakespeare on this cool page!

Kathy Mar, Dean Dierschow and friends" This is the page for It is the site of Kathy Mar's web page (musician, filker, fantastic song writer and singer, and all around role model!), and Dean's web page is worth the visit alone!

Paul Haas: Yes, I'm proud to say that the owner of the world's only online hottub is a friend. You really ought to check this out if only to wave to the cats.


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