Guide toVegetarian Restaurants Around the World: To paraphrase Joel Mabus "I've been a vegetarian, and I've been a meat-eater, and there's a lot of good reasons to be a vegetarian, but moral superiority isn't one of them!" But yes, I have been a vegetarian, and if you are, or have friends, partners, parents... who are, you may want to check out this page.

Zingerman's Deli: What you really want to do is go to Ann Arbor, MI and go to this amazing deli and eat and learn and browse! But if you can't make it there right now they have an extensive mail order service which includes tasty bread, wonderful cheeses, olive oils, balsalmic vinegar that is so well aged and mellow you can sip it, incredible foods of all varieties!! Lots of great info. Go there if you can but check out the web page either way!

Ben and Jerry's: Yum! The famous icecream company. It's also a fun web page. Watch for dancing skeletons!

The Lincoln Inn : This is one of those great local places. The food is not expensive and it's really tasty! If you are ever in Essex Junction, VT check it out. New!

And, while you are visiting us in beautiful VT check out NECI, the New England Culinary Institute. Definitely yummy. New!


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