Favorite Authors

(I finally alphabetized these because there are more of them now and that way I won't have to worry about showing favoritism amongst my favorites!)

You can now buy books by some of these authors in our "Store" or here. This is through Amazon.com and the price is the same but we get a tiny commision if you go through our links.)

Sherman Alexie : If you haven't already read it, buy the book The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven then see the movie Smoke Signals. He's also a poet, which is how I first discovered his work. Note: I just found out that his collection of poems The Business of FancyDancing was also made into a movie (in 2002, so I'm behind). Can't wait to see it! The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Buy now from Amazon.com) The Business of Fancydancing (Buy now from Amazon.com) Sherman Alexie on Amazon.com

Bruce Coville: I've been remiss! I got my degree in "Children's Literature and Drama/Theater for the Young" and did my honor's thesis on the censorship of Children's Literature specifically Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville. While working on that paper I became a genuine fan. Not only is his writing delightful, he's a fantastic story teller and a wonderful and kind person. If you like storytelling and books on tape but are picky (no abridgments! Real acting not just "reading") check out his new company Full Cast Audio that is doing wonderful recordings of "family" books on tape (great for long car trips!) Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher (Buy now from Amazon.com) Bruce Coville on Amazon.com

Charles De Lint : DeLint is possibly my favorite author (I even buy his new books in hardback because I can't wait!) He's an amazing writer of "urban fantasy", who also happens to be a fine Celtic musician. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite book but I am particularly fond of his "Newford" novels and I won't read his "horror" because a short story that was classified as "dark fantasy" not even "horror" gave me such heebie jeebies I had nightmares. (I don't typically read horror).Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection (Buy now from Amazon.com) Charles De Lint on Amazon.com

Neil Gaiman: I like his writing a lot. It's quirky and funny and interesting. My 20 year old step daughter introduced me to his writing and I've been a fan ever since. I was delighted to find out when I met him at Boskone that in spite of being wildly successful and popular he's still a very very nice person. I thought it was time to add him to my favorite authors list. I especially love some of his short fiction. American Gods (Buy now from Amazon.com) Neil Gaiman on Amazon.com

Tony Hillerman: The first mystery author I got hooked on. He writes these wonderful books about the Native American cultures of the southwestern U.S. with vivid portrayals of the land, the people and the cultural issues - and oh yeah, there's usually a murder to solve. Tony Hillerman on Amazon.com

Tanya Huff:Oops! I left out Tanya Huff! She writes very nice fantasy which often has a strong musical element, and some really good vampire crime novels. However, I must admit that what got our family hooked on her was her humorour novels Summon the Keeper and sequel. We passed it around and fought over who got it next. Lots of laughing out loud and still a favorite "feel good" book when you just need some "comfort reading". She also happens to be a musician (don't let her tell you she isn't!). Summon The Keeper (Buy now from Amazon.com) Tanya Huff on Amazon.com

Carl McColman:Carl is the author of several books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom (both are a lot of fun as well as informative). He's also written several other books and what I especially enjoy about his writing is the way his warm, funny, down to earth personality shows in his writing even as he exhibits good scholarship. You'll learn, but you won't be bored. Carl McColman on Amazon.com

Mike Kube-McDowell:Mike is a very good friend but I really could enthusiastically endorse his writing even if he wasn't. His recent book The Trigger is as thoughtful and interesting and fascinating as his others and as good a place to start as any. The Trigger (Buy now from Amazon.com) Here are two more of his that are favorites of mine: Vectors (Buy now from Amazon.com) and The Quiet Pools (Buy now from Amazon.com) Michael Kube-McDowell on Amazon.com

N. Scott Momaday: To quote from this useful site: "Scott Momaday essentially created modern American Indian Literature in 1969 by winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with House Made of Dawn." I loved House Made of Dawn and have liked other things I read by him. He has a beautiful hand with prose, House Made of Dawn reads like a novel length poem. He doesn't appear to have an "official" web site but this one is a good place to start. NEW! House Made of Dawn (Buy now from Amazon.com) N. Scott Momaday on Amazon.com

Christopher Moore: Writes darkly funny odd novels. I've read Practical Demon Keeping, Coyote Blue, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Bloodsucking Fiends, and Island of the Sequined Love Nun (Don't you love his titles?) On his web page is an amusing essay about Harry Potter also. Fans of Neil Gaiman will probably enjoy his writing. Practical Demonkeeping (Buy now from Amazon.com) The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cover (Buy now from Amazon.com) Bloodsucking Fiends (Amazon.com) Island of the Sequined Love Nuns (Amazon.com) Christopher Moore on Amazon.com

Terry Pratchett : I really have to add him as a favorite because lately whenever I need a good laugh and some nice light reading I reach for his Discworld novels. I am convinced that sometimes he writes these just to use a particular pun. Lots of fun. Terry Pratchett on Amazon.com

Tom Robbins : . Intellectual yet sublimely goofy. Besides, how many books do you read that are narrated by inanimate objects? This may be the first one I read and it's one of my favorites (though I've enjoyed them all) Another Roadside Attraction (Buy now from Amazon.com) This is the one that is narrated by the objects: Skinny Legs and All (Buy now from Amazon.com) Tom Robbins on Amazon.com

Dana Stabenow I'm not a mystery fan exactly but people keep giving me really good mystery books and I'm getting hooked. First it was Tony Hillerman and recently a friend got me into Dana Stabenow. I love her books. Mostly they aren't "gory", they're the kind of mysteries I love: "This bad thing happened, someone died, here's these really interesting characters, in a very realistically portrayed local setting that you aren't familiar with, oh yeah and by the way - by the end of the book you'll know who dunnit." She's an Alaskan writer and does for Alaska what Tony Hillerman does for the Southwest of the U.S. Really interesting. I particularly like the Kate Shugak series but they're all good so far. Dana Stabenow on Amazon.com

Connie Willis It is high time I added Connie Willis to my favorite author's page. I had the good fortune of being a music guest at two conventions where she was professional writer guest of honor. The first time I met her I hadn't read anything by her yet, but after meeting her I immediately bought Doomsday Book. After reading that I decided to buy To Say Nothing of the Dog. Now both my husband and I are hooked! I love both her short and long fiction, serious and comedic. If you ever have the wonderful chance to meet her in person you will understand why I say "she writes like she is" and why I consider that a compliment - she's one of the funniest, most intelligent, wickedly articulate observers of life I've ever met and although I have no intention to become a writer, I consider her at least partly a role model! So go buy all her books. (I have to add that Bellwether is one of my favorites. It is short and funny and a delightful, sharply funny, observation of popular culture.) To Say Nothing of the Dog (Buy now from Amazon.com) Bellwether (Buy now from Amazon.com) Doomsday Book (Buy now from Amazon.com) Connie Willis on Amazon.com

Jane Yolen YAY! I didn't realize she had a web site. (Sheesh, mew - everyone has a web site these days!) Anyway, I love her writing. Her children's stuff is prolific and brilliant (Rowan adores the book How do Dinosaur's Say Goodnight), her adult fiction is riveting (I made an entire college class get late final grades by loaning the professor Briar Rose which is one you can't put down), her essays are profound, interesting and often funny, and she's a wonderful story teller too! All that plus she writes lyrics that some of my favorite musicians have recorded and she is a nice person too. What's not to like eh? Briar Rose (Buy now from Amazon.com) How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (Buy now from Amazon.com) Jane Yolen on Amazon.com



Beckett Gladney: Beckett is not only a musician and friend but a really talented professional artist. Check out her online portfolio! NEW!

Jane Irwin: Jane is a really good artist as well as a friend. I'm especially fond of her slightly warped sense of humor, but her serious work is lovely too! I really like her graphic novel "Vogelein".

Erin McKee Erin is a fantastic artist who has done a myriad of professional work and also just happens to have done the cover for my album "Current Obsessions" that is on the home page of this site! She is also a lovely person and a friend.

Arlin Robins Arlin is another one of those "musician artists" that I met years ago when I was living in the Bay area. She's really nice and wow, does she do some amazing things with bronze! NEW!

Robin Wood: Robin is a writer as well as an artist. We particularly like her book of pagan ethics entitled "When, Why...If"

Susan Wilson Susan did our professional photographs. The only one you can see right now is the one on the home page but trust me, they are all fantastic! She is absolutely top notch. She made us so at ease that she even got Ed to smile! Not only did we get great photos, but we had fun. She works with most of the best musicians in Boston and it's easy to see why when you look at her work. Check it out.


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